For students who paying for college will be a concern, some unique ideas:

  1. US colleges vary considerably in costs and aid possibilities. Firstly, there are eigth universities that are need blind for international students (Amherst, Bowdoin, Brown, Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and Yale). Many US universities are generous if you NEED money. See the details here (you can download a PDF list or excel Spreadsheet). Here is another list older, but it helps identify general trends and laces that may give scholarships for international students. Another useful tool is AUXILIA, designed by a couple of International students. Unfortunately, it was not been updated since 2020.
  2. Students taking the IB Diploma, would be wise to check out the list of universities that offer IB Specific scholarships. Unfortunately, that list is from 2014. Check out specific universities for scholarships using google.
  3. Consider Germany, free tuition and increasing number of courses in English. Check out this article from the BBC and marketplace. 1,000 international (English) degree programs offered–most just three years in duration. You can search for programs here.
  4. Dutch universities offer exceptional value. 278 Bachelor’s programs taught entirely in English. Look here for more information. Costs run from € 6,000 to € 12,500/year for tuition +€  800/month living expenses.
  5. If you can get in, NYU Adu Dhabi is a full ride scholarship for every student.
  6. Other good values are The Czech Reublic and Jacobs International University of Bremen (now known as Constructor)
  7. Singaporean universities offer a generous tuition subsidy, but requires three years work after.
  8. The Washington Post offers up several countries that give minimal tuition to international students pursuing a degree in English including: Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Brasil, Slovenia
  9. Check out this webinar on Financial aid for international students:

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There are specific opportunities for student scholarships worldwide, such as:

Educations has compiled a database of 440 scholarships around the world–check out this spreadsheet here for more ideas.

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